Empowering Yourself

through  healthy emotional well being, It's one of the most important things we  can do, but it's also the most overlooked.  


Dr. Rock can help you  accomplish your goals by breaking through mood barriers and making the  changes necessary to achieve happiness .

Building Your Health

Do you value the mind - body health connection?

Research continues to show the links emphasizing the value of taking care of mental health to ensure good physical health.


Dr. Valerie Rock has helped many people lead happier, more productive  lives.  She has worked with diverse groups of people struggling with  various problems and emotional difficulties.  She is highly regarded for  her work in group and individual therapy, including women's issues. 

Dr.  Rock has dedicated her practice to helping others reach their full  potential by assisting individuals to understanding their responses to  life challenges.  This process is achieved through a collaborative  therapeutic relationship that enhances individuals ability to  effectively manage stress.  A key element of therapy is offering clients  life changing direction by helping them feel empowered and in control  of their lives.  Positive outcomes are fostered through assisting  individuals gain insight into maladaptive patterns while learning skills  to resolve life's challenges.

Dr. Rock believes  that honesty, integrity, and a healthy perspective are essential  components of happiness.  She uses a direct approach with a unique blend  of compassion and sensitivity.  If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rock, call (619) 405-9898.