Dr. Valerie Rock is a  licensed clinical psychologist practicing in La Jolla, California.  Her  awareness in the interest of helping others became clear after working  in a shelter for domestic violence while attending undergraduate  classes. She saw the need for professionals to intervene when  individuals were unable to help themselves.  After attending  undergraduate classes at Cornell University and receiving her bachelor's  degree in Psychology at New Mexico State University, she pursued  graduate studies at California School of Professional Psychology.  She  received a Master's and Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology with an  emphasis in children and families.  Dr. Rock enjoys spending time with  family/dog, running, yoga, watching sports and traveling. 

Building Resiliency

The most important thing is emotional well being

Everyday stressors can become overwhelming and sometimes debilitating.

Managing  work, family responsibilities, caring for children, finances, and  interpersonal relationships can be exhausting and difficult to navigate.  When life is out of balance, it can affect your psychological and  physical health.  Building strength and resiliency to cope with these  factors can be achieved through psychotherapy.  You can learn to improve  the quality of everyday life by confronting challenges with realistic  strategies, an optimistic outlook and meaningful relationships.  Getting help to find balance is now seen as a sign of resourcefulness.​ 

Would you like to learn valuable tools?

Dr. Rock's practice is  conveniently located in the Village of downtown La Jolla.  Her naturally  empathetic and comforting presence in conjunction with strict  confidentiality, serves her clients as a dynamic agent of change.  


Dr. Valerie Rock has over 20 years of clinical experience in the field of psychology.

She  has helped countless individuals overcome stress, anxiety, depression,  and numerous other disorders.  Her experience and training is  multifaceted, ranging from school systems, inpatient hospitals, forensic  work, outpatient therapy, immigration and family law assessments, and  high-end professional matchmaking.  She has also consulted and  supervised Cognitive Behavioral Coaches for Wellspring, a well renowned  weight loss camp.

Dr. Rock has facilitated numerous  groups, including women's divorce groups, adolescent process groups,  and brain tumor cancer support groups for patients and caregivers.  She  is actively involved with the San Diego Brain Tumor Foundation.

She  has also corroborated with media outlets and shared her training and  knowledge of adolescents with television networks such as A&E and  NBC news.